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Motion Graphics

Wax On Wax Off

September 5, 2010

Although it has nothing to do with The Karate Kid, and it’s really more like ‘Title On Title Off’, I still think the main idea clearly shines through.

So, what is it for? Deep down underground we’ve been quietly working on this LB short, titled ‘The Gran’ Scam of Things.’ We’re nearing completion at an astonishing pace, therefore I felt pretty comfortable releasing the first suspenseful 20 seconds (minus music). LB has released stills, snippets and out-takes but never this much relevant information, so please cherish it until the short hits the web ways.

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Fox Trot

July 29, 2010

So here he is… the dancing fool in all his furry glory. Mr. Fox is making the moves and dancing his underwear off (please note, he has none). However, as Mr. Fox rocked the floor, the client danced around the subject and never picked up the spot. No problemo, this party animal will be filed away in my portfolio and will always come handy as a reference. So lets not stick a fork in him just yet, because he’s a plush fox… he might get punctured.