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Fox Trot

July 29, 2010

So here he is… the dancing fool in all his furry glory. Mr. Fox is making the moves and dancing his underwear off (please note, he has none). However, as Mr. Fox rocked the floor, the client danced around the subject and never picked up the spot. No problemo, this party animal will be filed away in my portfolio and will always come handy as a reference. So lets not stick a fork in him just yet, because he’s a plush fox… he might get punctured.

Design, Editing, Motion Graphics

Inspiration = Creation (cont’d.)

May 30, 2010

As the ideas kept rushing at me, I was finally able to let one transcend. Following extensive research, I unearthed some valuable information, which made me realize that my piece would work the best as an ode to the glory days of the Hotel Rosslyn. It had to have an old feeling that could compliment a modern look.

I went after an authentic look (see picture below) by emulating the fonts used in newspaper advertising during the early 1900’s. I also utilized some weird phrases from the Rosslyn’s old print advertising and embedded them into the structure. I wanted these phrases to invoke a ‘WTF’ moment before the final reveal of the hotel sign. Click on the image below to see if I have succeeded.

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Oh no, you can’t do that!

May 8, 2010

“The client would never go for it”, my EP asserted. Whaaat? O.K., here’s the scenario. I had to create an end tag for an upcoming commercial project. I made a few mock ups but first I was asked to keep it simple and tone down the movements. “Nothing crazy, alright?” Not a problem, but it was even more interesting to learn that the below example was hiding a potential branding hazard. I was told that any respectable client would in no case allow its product/logo to be knocked out of a frame by anything, including text. I guess it’s part of Branding 101 and I kinda get it. But the question remains the same. Really??

Of course, we’re not using this one…

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Motion Tracking + Light Writing

December 22, 2009

Light writing was was all the craze in 2008 (i.e. Sprint commercials) but I never had the time, or the means, to mess with it. Well, the time has come! …even if I’m two years late. The principal behind this effect is to motion track a fluid movement to which you then apply a streaking light strand to. You could easily achieve this in still photography by using a long shutter speed. It’s a bit harder with moving images though. My example here could probably use some tweaking to make it look more organic but i wanted to get the technique down first. What i find to be the real challenge is to actually write, or draw, something that looks good and legible at the same time. I guess that’s where the artistry comes in.

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Bridesmaid – Title Design

December 13, 2009

Bridesmaid, a short film by Jennifer Sanderson, is now ready to hit the 2010 festival circuit! The story has a fresh spin on the tradition of marriage, offering a few turns and surprises along the way. Jennifer, who’s not only a talented writer/director but also a super-nice person, was a pleasure to work with. (And she’s a skillful editor, I must add!) My job was to create title and chapter cards that would reflect the visual style and the mood of the film and also bring the chapters together as one cohesive piece. Here is an example of the cards but you’ll have to wait just a bit longer to see the short.