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Sometimes I Jus’ Git The Glooms

April 19, 2011

Some get the blues, but I got myself a case of the glooms once I finished my latest short film. It wasn’t a surprise. After all, I did spend the past four months with her and now it was time to release her into the world. June Gloom required a lot of work and sacrifice, coupled with obstacles and frustration, but she was also full of hidden treasures, lucky breaks and pleasant revelations. It all happened for the better but only later I’ll be able to know it for sure…


However, when a film is finalized and post production comes to an end, the filmmaker must keep on going. While it awaits the reviews, opinions, questions and criticisms, I have to create the circumstances for them to happen.

Therefore, in the following days, I will master HDCAM tapes and DVD screeners, design press materials, fill out festival entries, and create some buzz so more and more people can come to see my take on drama. And if the work I’ve done and risks I’ve taken are unique enough to thrive, then this 14 minutes of digital celluloid will move on to the next life.

So I completely agree with the words of my friend LB, who helped me every step of the way, “There‚Äôs nothing quite like watching the soft colors of a motion picture fade off the screen to black.” Absolutely…the bigger the screen, the better.

The End

Design, Editing, Motion Graphics

Inspiration = Creation (cont’d.)

May 30, 2010

As the ideas kept rushing at me, I was finally able to let one transcend. Following extensive research, I unearthed some valuable information, which made me realize that my piece would work the best as an ode to the glory days of the Hotel Rosslyn. It had to have an old feeling that could compliment a modern look.

I went after an authentic look (see picture below) by emulating the fonts used in newspaper advertising during the early 1900’s. I also utilized some weird phrases from the Rosslyn’s old print advertising and embedded them into the structure. I wanted these phrases to invoke a ‘WTF’ moment before the final reveal of the hotel sign. Click on the image below to see if I have succeeded.


Inspiration = Creation

May 20, 2010

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and this amazing one came from my good friend LB.

We’ve talked about roof hopping in downtown LA for a long time but we never really followed through. Until he went and came back with some amazing photos. I missed out. Fortunately, he let me mess with some of his shots and I couldn’t ignore the one above, due to its rich, graphic-friendly qualities. It was practically begging me to be edited. Replacing the skyline with a three tone gradient made my first attempt look pretty bold.

I can also envision a logo or a statement on the left side which is the perfect negative space for that sort of commercial branding. And to be truthful, I also feel that it should look like an old film scene or a classy motion graphic design so I probably won’t stop here. This picture will move soon.