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Coffin Case Fashion Show

February 1, 2010

Alright, the wait is over because here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The Coffin Case Fashion Show teaser from this year’s NAMM. So if you’re into hot, tattooed up, pin up models who are actually cool as hell then this is your thing. And if you want to see more then you’ll have to wait more for the long version. So I guess the wait is not really over. Color me liar.




January 23, 2010

A whole week has flown by since I returned from NAMM, which could only mean one thing. That I’m extremely busy.

It was a lot of fun down in Anaheim but unfortunately me and the Revolt Posse were working on Friday. Actually, I should say fortunately because it was the best place to be. The whole town was a madhouse -try buying a bottle of Jack or parking your car (but never together!) during the conference- but having an all access pass for the NAMM and the Hilton helped a great deal. I’ll get back on here as soon as I have something to show, but see if you can guess what it might be from the movie clip below.