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Breaking (In) The Mold

April 26, 2011

I recently finished editing, along with some visual FX work, a very funny and fresh short film titled The Break In. This comedic gem has all the elements that appeal to me: smart writing, great acting (Selma Blair and Jason Ritter), perfect use of a single location and a surprise-filled story line.

4 frames

And just when you think you’re on the right track, things get even more absurd. I really enjoyed working on this project and I have a feeling that people won’t be able to stop laughing once they get a chance to watch it.

2 more frames

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March 28, 2011

This post ties right into my Keepin’ It Real blog. My short, June Gloom, is almost done and I don’t mind sharing a couple more frames before the finish line. The below frame is from a 3 seconds long clip, right after the long shot of the prison pickup. I felt a need for the prison to be in it in order to reinforce the location and help the story line. Since it’s a handheld shot, I started with motion tracking along with establishing a cut off line. The red squares are the trackers and the purple line is my vertical guide.

I prepped my prison picture in Photoshop, a combination of a still and a screen-grab of the actual footage. I composited the jpeg in After Effects and made it into a 3D layer. I assigned a virtual camera to the layer, which had created the desired perspective (after some adjustments to the x, y and z axes).

But it was too sharp, as you can see, so I added a lens blur to soften the image and the edges. I also created a null object with the tracking info and linked my jpeg to it. Now my prison was nicely moving (shaking) along with my footage.

Lastly, I changed the depth of field settings of my AE camera to the one we used during the shoot for a more realistic feel. It’s not as noticeable here as it is on the big screen but the closer parts are actually more in-focus then the further ones.

Motion Graphics

Stripped Down(town)

October 18, 2010

I undressed Los Angeles, layer by layer, with one smooth transition at a time until I got her where I wanted her. It’s one of my most viewed photos on Flickr and I thought it was perfect for this example. I wanted a quick, yet smooth, shift from reality to a more design-minded environment. Click below to check it.

Motion Graphics

Wax On Wax Off

September 5, 2010

Although it has nothing to do with The Karate Kid, and it’s really more like ‘Title On Title Off’, I still think the main idea clearly shines through.

So, what is it for? Deep down underground we’ve been quietly working on this LB short, titled ‘The Gran’ Scam of Things.’ We’re nearing completion at an astonishing pace, therefore I felt pretty comfortable releasing the first suspenseful 20 seconds (minus music). LB has released stills, snippets and out-takes but never this much relevant information, so please cherish it until the short hits the web ways.