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Sometimes I Jus’ Git The Glooms

April 19, 2011

Some get the blues, but I got myself a case of the glooms once I finished my latest short film. It wasn’t a surprise. After all, I did spend the past four months with her and now it was time to release her into the world. June Gloom required a lot of work and sacrifice, coupled with obstacles and frustration, but she was also full of hidden treasures, lucky breaks and pleasant revelations. It all happened for the better but only later I’ll be able to know it for sure…


However, when a film is finalized and post production comes to an end, the filmmaker must keep on going. While it awaits the reviews, opinions, questions and criticisms, I have to create the circumstances for them to happen.

Therefore, in the following days, I will master HDCAM tapes and DVD screeners, design press materials, fill out festival entries, and create some buzz so more and more people can come to see my take on drama. And if the work I’ve done and risks I’ve taken are unique enough to thrive, then this 14 minutes of digital celluloid will move on to the next life.

So I completely agree with the words of my friend LB, who helped me every step of the way, “There‚Äôs nothing quite like watching the soft colors of a motion picture fade off the screen to black.” Absolutely…the bigger the screen, the better.

The End

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March 28, 2011

This post ties right into my Keepin’ It Real blog. My short, June Gloom, is almost done and I don’t mind sharing a couple more frames before the finish line. The below frame is from a 3 seconds long clip, right after the long shot of the prison pickup. I felt a need for the prison to be in it in order to reinforce the location and help the story line. Since it’s a handheld shot, I started with motion tracking along with establishing a cut off line. The red squares are the trackers and the purple line is my vertical guide.

I prepped my prison picture in Photoshop, a combination of a still and a screen-grab of the actual footage. I composited the jpeg in After Effects and made it into a 3D layer. I assigned a virtual camera to the layer, which had created the desired perspective (after some adjustments to the x, y and z axes).

But it was too sharp, as you can see, so I added a lens blur to soften the image and the edges. I also created a null object with the tracking info and linked my jpeg to it. Now my prison was nicely moving (shaking) along with my footage.

Lastly, I changed the depth of field settings of my AE camera to the one we used during the shoot for a more realistic feel. It’s not as noticeable here as it is on the big screen but the closer parts are actually more in-focus then the further ones.

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June Gloom Posters

March 2, 2011

Another great day for the Gloom! I just picked up the finished posters and they are gorgeous. To me at least…

I couldn’t find a more fitting month for our screening than June of 2011 and I’m really looking forward to it. The good news is that all the backers who requested artwork won’t have to wait until June, as we plan to start mailing these posters out shortly.

Design, Editing, June Gloom Short, Motion Graphics

Keepin’ It Real

February 23, 2011

We’ve been making a lot of progress on June Gloom and even though the short is in the hands of the sound mixer and the music composer, I find myself still working on stuff. What kind of stuff? Things like finalizing the poster and DVD artwork and finding a decent printer. Creating title cards, quotes and end credits for the film (the actors’ cards are looking mighty good). And for the most part, some tedious special effects work. The funny part is, there are no special effects in this film…

Let me explain with an example. When we set out to shoot this film, we couldn’t find a taxi cab for our budget. Sooo I posted an ad on Craigslist for a Crown Victoria and we had our cab for $100/day plus gas. Then we dressed up the car with decals and a TAXI sign for a few bucks more. But we were still missing the main company logo so I marked its location with a piece of black tape for post work.

June Gloom ex1

What further complicated things is that we got shot down by the cops at the prison (I couldn’t afford the hefty location fee) and we had to steal the following shot from behind my car. As you can see, there’s also a post next to our man in the shot.

June Gloom ex2

So I spent some quality time adding a post and a cab sign (my design) to our footage in order to maintain continuity. In other words, I’m keeping it ‘real’. Click on the image below to see the final clip.

Design, June Gloom Short

June Gloom Poster Designs

December 5, 2010

Give the people what they want, right? Backers of my short film (the $50 and above categories) will receive these babies, so why not allow them decide on which one they’d rather have?



Obviously, these are not the finalized posters but we’re pretty set on their layout. So knock yourself out, critique them all you like, and may the most gloomtastic design win. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.