Synching Up Audio To Video In FCP

Posted on 13 February 2012

This is a very simple Final Cut procedure if you know what you’re doing. However, if you haven’t synched up media through time code before, then you wouldn’t know that synching is not the correct terminology. Why? Because in FCP you ‘Merge Clips.’ You have to select the correct video and audio pairs in the Browser and ‘Merge Clips’ by ‘Timecode.’ First, you’ll have to find your corresponding clips. I used the clapper to identify them. In my case, I needed to synch up the A008C003_120108_R272 video file to the T58.WAV audio one.

merge clips

Go to ‘Modify’ and the drop down menu will reveal the ‘Merge Clips’ option. Once you click ‘Merge Clips’ a submenu is revealed with ‘Synchronize using:’ options. We used a lockit box, so I selected ‘Timecode’. (If the timecode is on an audio track, then you have to select use “Aux Track” for the video clip.)

merge clips

That’s pretty much it. Your synched up files will show up as a new ‘Merged’ clip in your browser. As you can see, FCP had created a new A008C003_120108_R272 Merged clip for me, which now contains the T58 external audio file.

merge clips

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